Keeping your vehicle properly maintained in Canyon Lake

All vehicles need to be inspected on an annual basis for safety and reliability. In particular, having regular auto brake service is essential. Drivers know that there are few things more alarming that needing to brake and finding that there’s no reaction from the pedal, and no slowing of the vehicle. This is one of the greatest causes of road accidents, so don’t put off routine maintenance of your vehicle.

If you’ve had a bad experience and have been over-charged or have had your vehicle kept in the shop for a long time, your expectations will be exceeded when you come to Advanced Auto Care. Our team of technicians is highly trained, and being efficient is all in a day’s work. We have high-tech diagnostic tools, so we will quickly be able to identify and repair any problems with your vehicle. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping repairs to a minimum.

As a full auto service company, we offer:

Fuel pump replacement

When you bring your car in for a tune-up, we will also inspect your fuel pump, which is a vital part of your vehicle’s engine. When the pump isn’t working optimally, your engine will receive either too much or too little fuel. If your engine fails to start, or if it splutters as you gain speed, this could be because of a faulty fuel pump. This can cause issues with performance, and replacing the fuel pump might be required. All repairs that we do are guaranteed for a 3-year or 36,000 mile period, so you can always expect quality repairs that you can trust.

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