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Catalytic Converters Lake Elsinore CA Advanced Auto Care Support

Your catalytic converter transforms harsh chemicals into the less harmful exhaust your car emits. So, when your converter malfunctions, the situation is more than inconvenient—it’s dangerous.

Is your vehicle's engine frequently stalling or overheating? Have you noticed a deteriorating fuel economy? These are all warning signs of converter malfunction.

Bring your vehicle to Advanced Auto Care, and we will troubleshoot and resolve the problem. At our shop, you’ll receive honest answers and fair pricing, every time. If you are in need of catalytic converter repair or replacement, count on our team in Lake Elsinore, CA.

We’ll Keep Your Emissions System in Top Condition

Your vehicle’s emissions system is in charge of some very harmful chemicals. Among the most dangerous are sulfur dioxide, phosphorus, and carbon dioxide. A broken catalytic converter may release too much of these harsh chemicals. It could also allow a car's engine to reach a dangerously hot temperature.

Advanced Auto Care is here to help you avoid a dangerous situation. If you suspect you need a California certified catalytic converter replacement, bring your vehicle to us. Most often, the converter should last the life of your vehicle. But if your car or truck has over 100,000 miles on it or if you’ve been in an accident, you may need a replacement.

If you are unsure whether the catalytic converter is the problem, let our technicians take a look at it. These professionals are ASE-certified and licensed to perform smog tests and repairs. More importantly, we promise honest evaluations and repairs for every client who enters our Lake Elsinore, CA shop.

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We know that you need your vehicle in working condition as soon as possible. Make a quick phone call to our Lake Elsinore, CA shop, and we’ll schedule an appointment. If you end up needing catalytic converter repair, we'll work quickly to get your vehicle back on the road.