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Auto air conditioning services in Lake Elsinore, CA. | Advanced Auto Care |  951-674-5678

Be Cool With Auto Air Conditioning in Lake Elsinore, CA
Servicing all domestic and foreign makes and models

Advanced Auto Care can help you with all of your air conditioning problems. From inspections to recharging your air conditioning system, we can keep you cool 24/7.

Ready to heat up?

Your car’s heating system is just as important! Avoid the icy chill of the long winter months by making sure that your car’s heating system is ready to face freezing temperatures. Don’t let below zero temperatures get the best of you whenever you need to ride out in the bitter cold. From the heater core to the thermostat, Advanced Auto Care can ensure a comfortable, warm ride when it’s cold outside.

Ready to cool down?

Your vehicle’s cooling system is highly essential, especially during the warm summer months. Don’t get caught in the heat with a cooling system that does not get the job done! More importantly, don’t let rising temperatures stop you from having a great time out with your friends and family. An efficient air conditioning system ensures that everyone will have a comfortably good time even when it’s exceedingly hot outside.

Save yourself the inconvenience of having to open the car windows and inhaling the fumes from other vehicles whenever your air conditioning malfunctions. Moreover, enjoy the benefits of having cleaner, fresher air as capable cooling systems will condition the air to achieve a relaxing atmosphere within the car. Here at Advanced Auto Care in Lake Elsinore, CA, we will make sure your auto air conditioning is more than ready to face the scorching heat so you, your family, and your friends will have a good time.

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